SWIMMER   (20') - 1978

The swimmer is performing movements which can be seen
as completely natural, yet they contain a vital contradiction,
a double meaning: swimming as a way of surviving.
At the same time as the swimmer is having
a pleasurable experience of the element of water, she
must continuously fight to stay alive.
In collaboration with Suzanne Nessim.

Produced by Centre G.Pompidou, Paris
Collection Centre G.Pompidou / MNAM, Paris,
Städtishes Kunstmuseum, Bonn


NOTHING  (11') - 1978

The video deals with the emptiness in an inevitable voyage
between two points. At the same time as an efficient activity
is paralyzed during this period, since the question of transportation
between A and B has no meaning as such, this very procedure
is necessary for the original action to continue.
The difference between thought and action, between understanding
and realization. The alienation of modern society.

Produced by Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Collection Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Städtishes Kunstmuseum, Bonn

On show at the Moderna Muséet Stockholm Feb 2023 - Feb 2024




Two artists fighting in an empty museum,
while an off voice delivers a mock analysis in
English, French or German.
A video about what the artist
wants to express and how the critic
and public can interpret - or misinterpret - the work.

Produced by Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Collection Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Städtishes Kunstmuseum, Bonn

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NORMA OR GENE   (11') - 1980

Citizen Phoenix Kundalini makes a visit to GCC -
"Genetic Control Center" - to order her first child...
An early vision about the consequences
and possibilities of genetic manipulation.

Produced by Centre G.Pompidou, Paris
Collection Centre G.Pompidou / MNAM, Paris

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VOL  (5') - 1981

"Vol" in French means both theft and flight.
A collage of commercial spots with happy housewives
and stereotype children mixed with images from
the second take off of the space shuttle Columbia.
Two modern forms of communication, using a third one
- the television medium.

Produced by Teresa Wennberg
Collection Moderna Museet, Stockholm
IVAM / Museo de Arte Moderno de Valencia

On show at the Moderna Muséet Stockholm Feb 2023 - Feb 2024




RETURN TO SENDER  (10') - 1980

A video /performance at Galerie Donguy Paris,1980

Produced by Teresa Wennberg
Collection Meryl Altman Art Program, NYC



"This is Norma. Life is a drag."


A sequence of 60 drawings executed on graph paper 35 x 35 cm of friends
and aquaintances in Paris in the eighties, each desribed by a short text -
and each and presented together as one entire piece.
The camera closes in and examines the compositions,
while a voice "off" reads the text which accompanies each drawing.
In collaboration with Marika af Trolle.

Produced by Teresa Wennberg
Private Collection



QUELLE HISTOIRE   (52') - 1982

A live recording of a woman telling about an encounter with a stranger
- something which happens to all of us, often unexpectedly.
Such an encounter can either be experienced as something banal and
without importance - or be lived out and described with a lot of passion.
In this case, it turns out to be an intense love story.
In collaboration with Alain Longuet.
- Dialogue in French -

Produced by Teresa Wennberg & Alain Longuet

Prix Special du Jury, Montbeliard 1982
Prix Special RTBF, Charleroi 1983
Cinéma du réel, Centre G. Pompidou, Paris 1983




ELECTRIC JANUARY  (10') - 1983

A 10-minute "painting" of 42nd St. in New York City at night
inspired by the "Meta-" series (oil on canvas)
Sound: Teresa Wennberg.
Special thanks to Jeanette and Charlotte Bonnier.

Produced by Teresa Wennberg / Convergence Corp. NYC
Collection Meryl Altman Art program NYC




NO=ON  (14') - 1983

In a mixture of animated images and scenes played by actors,
presenting a situation which immediately changes into another
repeating itself, with flashes from the past - "the subjective memory"
and of the future - "the illuminated imagination", to finally find
itself almost back at the beginning, where everything is
questioned once again.

Produced by Teresa Wennberg / Centre G.Pompidou, Paris
Collection Centre G.Pompidou / MNAM, Paris
Moderna Museet, Stockholm

On show at the Moderna Muséet Stockholm Feb 2023 - Feb 2024




NUIT BLANCHE  (10') - 1983

as shown at "ELECTRA" - Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris
Dec 1983/ Jan 1984
"Art New Vision", Seibu-Shibuya Tokyo 1986
and now
"Sömnlösa nätter" Moderna Museet Stockholm

Installation for 25 monitors - 4 different sources
An experimentation with various visual instruments of the time:
slowscan Alcatel, the 2-D computer graphic color palette X-Comm Graph8 with an Apple 2C,
Time Base Corrector (TBC), text generator.
Sound: Armand Mirailles
In collaboration with Pierre Lobstein.

Produced by Teresa Wennberg / Pierre Lobstein/ VAL, Montpellier
Collection Worl Wide Video Center, Den Haag , Heure Exquise, France
ZKM, Karlsruhe
Moderna Museet, Statens Konstrad, Stockholm

Nuit Blanche also exists in a monotape version




Thora Dardel berattar...
(45'/30') 1984-85

Thora Dardel recalls her experiences and encounters in Paris
in the 1920ties, where she arrived when she was twenty years old.
She immediately dived into the art scene and tells about the artists
she met - Modigliani, Cocteau, Radiguet, Pascin, Braque, Leger
and many more - in particular the Swedish painter Nils von Dardel,
whom she married.
An exceptional document full of amusing observations,
about an exceptional woman who became a personal friend
of some of the most influential artists of the 20th century.

Produced by Teresa Wennberg / Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Collection Moderna Museet, Malm



TOKYO MA (7') - 1986

Impressions from a first visit to Japan.
In the fog, a stone becomes alive. A spirit is dancing, tormented,
against a background of a vulcano, hidden behind electronic curtains,
executed with an Apple 2C.
Bhuto Dancer: Erina Ota

Production Teresa Wennberg / XIS, Montpellier

Prix Special du Jury, Festival de Video de Montpellier 1986
Special Invitation Dream Centenary Tokyo 1987



DAEDALUS' VISION (7') - 1993

A video on the theme of "Justice".
Daedalus meanders in the labyrinthic jungle of the end
of the 20th century, searching for a note of hope,
with nothing for a clue but the lucid distance of a giant turtle.

Produced by CICV Montbéliard-Belfort
Fondation Chateau Beychevelle

Recommandation du Jury,
V Festival International De Ciudade de Vigo, 1994
Collection Fondation Chateau Beychevelle




HOLD  (8') - 1999

A film from the Stockholm subway

Produced by Teresa Wennberg / CRAC

Special Invitation Dream Centenary Aizu JAPAN 1999
Paletten Galery Gothenburg 2000




ELUSIVE SELF (16') - 2002

This video is the main element in the multi-media installation with same name.

On the pages of a gigantic "book", sculpted in salt,
a video projection with a montage of intimate images
- photos, films, videos - from the artists' private life,
opening herself and her secrets to the public.

Produced by Teresa Wennberg / Stockholm Art

Exhibitions "Tanken Flyger" KulturHuset, Stockholm &
"Amnesia" Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Santiago de Chile 2002





A film about five teenage girls studying at the Royal Ballet School
of Stockholm and their struggle to become a ballet dancer.
The film follows them for one year.

Production Teresa Wennberg
Collection: Dansmuseet Stockholm



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