D i a l o g u e   f o r   t h e   v i d e o    " N O R M A   O R   G E N E  "



A:  Your birth number, please.
B:  84 6010...
A:  And the last four numbers?
B:  Oh, well, let me see now...It's always so hard to remember...
A:  (interrupts) We absolutely have to have the correct and full number for our computer report!
B:  Eh, eh--- let me see.. 4...1... four one eight two. That's it.
A:  OK, thank you (Programs the numbers on the computer and gets an info on the screen)
      So, your name is ... Phoenix Kundalini?
B:  Yes, that's correct.
A:   The adress is still the same?
B:  Yes, 11455, Stock Road. Telephone: 556445893.
A:  Profession?
B:  Assistant Supervisor at the I.U.D. - the Internal Unit Development.
A:  And your matriculation number?
B:  Wait a second. I have it here. (Looks in a bag) Here it is. 07841237-541230-00484 (Hands it over)
A:  Thank you. (Programs the info again, waits a second, then reads from the miniscreen)
      So, just checking, no major illnesses in your background?
B:  Oh no, they have all been eliminated, of course.
A:  Uh-huh, Economical position positive, living standards positive, and you are sterilized, I presume?
B:  Of course, since the age of fifteen.
A:  No previous citizen production experiences?
B: (Dreamily) No. This is the first time.
A:  (Looks up) So, tell me, what kind of citizen had you planned on?
B:  Aaah, well, I had planned on a female.
A:  Do you have your citizen production permit with you?
B:  Yes, I have it right here. (Searches in her bag again, between billions of different plastic cards..)
      Here. (Hands it over)
A:  Thanks. (Mutters the numbers while programming them) 07841237-541230-2B-2... Two!!
      Oh, you even have a permission for two citizens! Thats's not so usual anymore. Excuse me,
      I must make a check. (Lifts a receiver, connecting her to Genetic Control Center Headoffice)
      ...Hello? Genetic Control Center?  -Hi Gene! This is Velvetta-408, section B-69, Reception Desk...
      could you please give me a report on subject number 07841237-441219-2B2? Yes, 2B-2 in the end.
      Thank you... No, not tonight (giggles) ... I'm going down to the Equity Club... Yes? Uh-huh.
      I see. Yes, OK. Thank you. By-ye. (Turns to the subject) It's all right. You are labelled as a 2B-2.
B:  Yes, but this year I just wanted one. A female.
A:  You are lucky, you know. This is the last day we receive demands on females for another three
      months. There is an overflow indication on the computer as far as the female surplus percentage is
B:  Uh-uh, I am lucky, yes.(Pause) Let me tell you the exterior features. I brought a list. I would like her
      to be blond. Blond curly hair... (Picks up a messy list) Like this: long fingers, thin hands, (the hostess
     programs down the orders automatically) long legs, yeah, real long legs... the maximum
      length for legs... and nice boobs... actually, I was going to ask for something like a Marilyn Monroe
A:  Monroe eggs! Have you made an application for that?
B:  An application? No. I didn't realize one had to make an...
A:  (Interrupts) Monroe eggs are down to the fifth generation now. Or, they are clones. You can't even get
      an original on the black market anymore!
B:  Oh, I see. Well, how about Rita Web?
A:  Yes, that's a good bet. She was elected Miss Universe this year. Very limited edition, but we still have
      some ovules left.
B:  Great, I'll take her then. She's very sexy. Oh, and... I was wondering... I would like her to have my
      personal voice - could that be arranged?
A:  No problem. That goes under "special demands". (Notes) Voice like first mother... (Explains) We'll
     do that at the same time as we do the automatic third-month electro-analytical control.
B:  Positive. And how about the XYY-chromosome? Do you check on them here? I don't want any bad
      things - you know!
A:  (Efficiently) Of course not. We are very careful about that here. We intervene in the fifth month
      of development, to eliminate any uncontrollable tendencies.
B:  Positive. Do you use the Barbie-method?
A:  No. We use the injection method. Special hormones - very efficient. (Smiles reassuringly) And your
      Egg bank? Which is your Egg Bank?
B:  The Cosmopolitan Citizen Egg Deposit.
A:  Ah, the CCED. (Notes) Just a routine question: at what age did you deposit your ovules?
B:  They took them at fifteen - just before I was sterilized.
A:  Now how about the male mixture?
B:  What do you mean? Uh?
A:  The male partner. Who is the sperm supplier?
B:  Oh, I see! Well... his name is Aldo Mold. We just met and ... ah, well... we sort of decided to take
      half the responsability together. This is his personal sperma code. (Hands over another
      plastified card) Here's the number.
A:  (Notes) 4503-5609-878-BC. Thank you. Which is his Sperm Bank?
B:  The A.P.E. Bank.
A:  The A.P.E. Bank. (Notes)
B:  We also agreed to ask for an extra supply of super quality... Would it be possible to have one or two
      genes of Einstein?
A:  Einstein?! Impossible! The distribution of the Einstein stock is highly supervized!
B:  Well, how about Gagarin, the astronaut?
A:  Sorry, miss... Kundalini, but also for astronauts you need to have a special grant.
B:  (Reads from a list) How about Jean Paul Sartrai, the writer?
A:  (Checks on the screen) Jean-Paul Sartre... That's all right. He's gone up in price, but he's still
B:  Fine. I'll take him then. He's kind of intellectual.
A:  Very well. I'll make a note for the GMS. (Looks up) That's the Genealogical Manipulation Section.
B:  Fine. And how about a substitute uterus? Do you arrange that here as well?
A:  Yes, we do. As you might know, we do not practice the extra uterine development here. We only use
      natural uteruses.
B:  Oh, that's positive. I'm for the natural way. (Both women smile contemptedly)
A:  Just let me check with our uterus stock. (Types) Yes, there are several female carriers available.
      I'm booking you for a week from now - will that be convenient?
B:  Fine, yes. Anything else?
A:  No, not for the time being. It has all been programmed into the computer now.
B:  Good. And when do I come back to pick up the new citizen?
A:  You just have to give us a call about three months from now - simple routine to check that the
      implantation is functioning - and then after nine months we send you a bill plus the pickup date.
B:  Uh-huh. That will be... around the 4th of July...mmm...
A:  We normally let the subject stay for about two weeks with its substitute mother before final delivery...
      I'm sure you'll be satisfied with the product.....

┬ęTeresa Wennberg 1979


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