I N S T A L L A T I O N S


An installation for 3-D computer animation,video, granite sculpture and salt.

"The Memory Room" is a big room, where each wall is a back projection,
a bit like a VR-Cave. Two of the side walls are showing a wall to wall 3D computer
animation, forming from time to time the word   AMNESIE
On the far end wall, a big size projection of compromising images: war, explosions,
victims, demonstrations, violence.. in a sepia color, the other smaller, a little out of
focus and a bit slanted, showing a blurry sequence of a child blowing soap bubbles.
In the middle of this room, a big open book made of granite is lying on a marble plate (1)
which is hanging in the air suspended by thin iron threads. The entire floor
is covered with coarse salt.

Sound: a childs' voice softly counting the years from 1901 - 1999
plus a composition by Remy Chatton, evoking a subaquatic atmosphere.

(1) Property of the artist.
Norrtalje Konsthall, Stockholm 1995



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