I N S T A L L A T I O N S


Partial view from the installation
as shown at Museo de Arte Contemporaneo,
Santiago de Chile

An installation for video, computer animation and sculpture (salt, graniteblock or big stone..)

This installation is a metaphor for the irreversability of time,
due to the complex composition of certain elements.

An open "book" (~ 55 x 65 cm), sculpted in light grey granite - property of the artist - (1)
is lying on a wooden plate, which is suspended from the ceiling with thin iron cords, like a swing.
On the empty pages of the open book, a video projection of a 3D computer animation
showing letters moving in a continuous interpolation process ("morphing"),
forming occasionally the word MEMOIRE.
Beside this, another video projection directly on the wall is showing a water pond
suddenly spitting out stones which come flying right towards the spectator.
After a while, one realizes that this is a reversed sequence...
Sound: the stones hitting the water and the murmurings of the water, amplified

(1) Tokyo version: sculpted in fine white salt/ MAC Santiago de Chile version: an flat stone block

"Dream Science -96", Tokyo 1996
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago de Chile 2004



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