I N S T A L L A T I O N S


Details from the installation
as seen at the exhibition "JUSTICE"
at the Centre International d¹Art Contemporain Château Beychevelle.

The room is darkened.
When we enter the room, we see a big book lying wide open on a plate suspended in the air.
Both book and plate are sculpted in granite.
In the middle of the room there is a big "well" made of salt, filled with water. From its interior erupts
a multitude of images ("Daedalus' Vision"), telling a story about a war with a heavy acoustic charge.
Seven small monitors at different heights are showing a computer animation of letters forming now
and then for the word MÉMOIRE. The entire far end wall is an opening to the universe
: nebulas and galaxies appear and vanish (wall to wall video projection).
A thin bronze sculpture leaning on the image like a frozen lightning, creating an umbilical
cord between sky and earth.
Melodies from the School of Notre Dame (11th Century), fill the room with a crystalline serenity.

Centre International d'Art Contemporain Ch?teau Beychevelle 1993
IMEREC, Vielle Charit?, Marseille 1994



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